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VMware KnowledgeBase Article – Pools or virtual machines remain listed in VirtualCenter after being deleted in View Manager

Pools or virtual machines remain listed in VirtualCenter after being deleted in View Manager
KB Article 1007510
Updated Mar. 24, 2009

Products: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager

Product Versions: VMware View Manager 3.x


  • A pool is deleted from disk in View Manager from View Administrator > Desktops and Pools
  • Some virtual machines from the deleted pool remain in VirtualCenter
  • In View Administrator > Desktop Sources, the virtual machine show a status of Deleting, however the objects never get deleted


The virtual machine may not be deleted when View Manager is unable to process the shut down command.
To workaround the issue:

  1. Manually shutdown the virtual machine and wait a few minutes. VirtualCenter automatically continues with the cleanup process and deletes the virtual machine.

  2. If the virtual machine is deleted from VirtualCenter or you have manually deleted the virtual machine but it still appears up in Desktop Sources, the virtual machine entry must be removed from ADAM.

Warning: Editing or deleting items within ADAM may destroy existing pools in View Manager. Backup the configuration data before making any changes. For backup instructions, see

1. Open the ADAM editor, click Start > Programs > ADAM > ADAM ADSI Edit.

2. Right-click ADAM ADSI Edit and select Connect to.

3. Choose Distinguished name (DN) or naming context and type:


4. Under OU=Servers, double-click each entry and search in Attribute > pae-DisplayName for the corresponding virtual machine name.

5. Delete the appropriate entry that contains the virtual machine name.

6. Refresh the Desktop Sources view. The virtual machine is no longer listed.

Via >> VMware KnowledgeBase

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