Apr 102009

How to Build a Windows 2008 VMware ESX VM Template « Jeremy Waldrop’s blog

Jeremy Waldrop blogs a very nice article about installting Windows Server 2008 as an ESX Template.
Find out more on >> http://jeremywaldrop.wordpress.com

NOTE – VMware Virtual Center 2.5 Update 4 is required to use Guest Customizations with Windows 2008.



1. Use an ISO for faster OS setup.

2. Build a new VM that has at least 1 GB RAM and a 20 GB drive.

3. Attach the Windows 2008 ISO to the CD/DVD drive and set it to connect at power on.

4. On the VM Edit Settings window go to the Options tab and in the General section uncheck the Enable logging check box.

5. Go to the Boot Options section and check the box to force going into the BIOS on next boot.

6. Power on the VM and when the setup screen appears go to Advanced, I/O Device Configuration.

7. Disable the Serial and Parallel ports.

8. Go to the Boot menu and set the CD-ROM first in the boot order.

9. Save, exit and install Windows 2008, during the install choose either Standard or Enterprise.

10. On first boot up after install set the Administrator password.

Read the complete article here >>>>

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