Jul 122012

Customer meetings. Networking opportunities. Peer interactions. There are plenty of good reasons why you should sign up today for VMworld 2012, but I’ll give you one more: VMware Partner Track.

Count ‘em. We’ve got over 20 partner sessions for you. This year, we’ll delve into topics ranging from solutions and competitive selling to business development and marketing. In these one-of-a-kind sessions, we’ll give details about how to accelerate the adoption of VMware solutions and technologies, increase loyalty, and launch key initiatives and competencies. And, the only way you’ll hear this valuable information is by attending VMworld 2012 Partner Track sessions. Check out the whole list of sessions here.

Partner track

If that’s not enough to get you there, here’s one more reason to attend: The VMware 2012 Party. This year’s event will feature three Labs—a Sports Lab with old-time bar games, a Hi Tech Lab for video gaming, and a Music Lab starring Jon Bon Jovi and The Kings of Suburbia.

So, don’t delay. Register for VMworld 2012 today.

-The VMware Partner Network Team

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