Aug 302016

We’ve been holding in the surprise for some time now but on the keynote stage today at VMworld,Sanjay Poonan, EVP ofour End user Computing business unit where Fusion and Workstation are situated,pulled the covers back and revealed the details aboutour big annual release.

This year we aredelivering 2 updates to the Workstation product family:Workstation 12.5 ProandWorkstation 12.5 Player, and the big surprise is this:It’s a free upgrade for allcurrent-version customers. So, if you’re on Workstation 12.5, you’re going to be able to upgrade to the latest versionwith full support for Windows 10 Anniversary edition, for free. We’ll also be addingWindows Server 2016 support when it comes available.

This is an exciting release for us because it marks the first time that we have provided a yearly update for no additional cost tocurrent-version customers.We’ve been holding the surprise in for some time,so we’re very excited to finally share this with the world.

We’ve also changed how users can upgrade to the latestrelease. Users are eligible for upgrade pricing going back to Workstation 7. So, if you have an old Workstationlicense and haven’t upgraded in a few years, there’s never been a better time to upgrade!

This also marks the announcement of Fusion 8.5 and Fusion 8.5 Prowhich you can read more about here.

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