Jan 202017

By Cindy Heyer Carroll, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

I am very happy to announce that we just posted the first four mini-guides in a series of seven to bring you the latest update of View, the main component of VMware Horizon 7! Unlike previous Reviewer&#rsquo;s Guides, you are getting the latest updates literally as soon as we complete each section. The result? Shorter pieces that are easier to digest.

The first four mini-guides of the series are now available:

  • Reviewer&#rsquo;s Guide for View in VMware Horizon 7: Overview introduces you to the View component of Horizon 7, including benefits, features, and architecture
  • Reviewer&#rsquo;s Guide for View in VMware Horizon 7: Installation and Configuration provides exercises covering the installation and initial configuration process of a basic deployment, which you can use to explore the key features described in additional mini-guides
  • Reviewer&#rsquo;s Guide for View in VMware Horizon 7: Instant Clones introduces you to the new instant clones feature, and provides exercises to set up and use instant clones
  • Quick-Start Guide: Publishing Applications with VMware Horizon 7 provides exercises that describe how to install and configure the key software components required for published applications

With the exception of the Overview and the Installation and Configuration, each mini-guide focuses on a particular use case, accompanied by exercises to explore relevant features. The mini-guides cover topics such as preparing virtual machines for desktop pools, using instant clones, setting up desktop pools (full- and linked-clones), exploring the benefits of Smart Policies, and provisioning users.

When you work through the exercises in the Reviewer&#rsquo;s Guide series, you end up with a basic working deployment, as well as experience using the View component of VMware Horizon 7 in the context of specific use cases. The deployment is based on a single VDI platform, simplifying desktop management and enhancing user experience.

Be sure to take a look at the guides that are now available, and watch for the next to be posted. When we finish, the following mini-guides will be included in the series:

  • Overview
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Preparing Virtual Machines for Desktop Pools (pending)
  • Instant Clones
  • Desktop Pools (pending)
  • Quick-Start Guide: Publishing Applications with VMware Horizon 7
  • Smart Policies (pending)
  • Provisioning Users (pending)

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