Nov 022017
  1. Directory sync in vRA 7.x fails with error ‘Connector Communication failed with Response’
  2. Logging in to a tenant with verified administrator credentials or user credentials fails in vRA 6.2.x
  3. Removing a virtual machine from vRealize Automation 7.x using Cloud Client
  4. Requests get stuck at ‘In Progress’ or ‘Pending Approval’ status in vRA
  5. Unable to add Active Directory users or groups to vCenter Server Appliance or vRealize Automation permissions
  6. Repairing or updating the trust between all components within vRealize Automation 6.x environment
  7. vRA appliance runs out of disk space
  8. Configuring log rotation for Health Service in vRealize Automation 7.3
  9. Horizon-workspace restart causes vRA services to fail in HA environment
  10. “A configuration synchronization is required” error in clustered vRO nodes
  11. An error occurred during OAuth2 operation” while accessing the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center
  12. ‘Error communicating with Pricing service’ error in vRA
  13. Error ‘Unable to authenticate user. Please try again’ when logging to vRA 6.2.x VAMI page
  14. Joining the VMWare vCenter Server Appliance or VMware vRealize Automation Identity Appliance to a domain fails with the error: Error trying to join AD, error code [31]
  15. Logging in to tenant fails after adding authenticated proxy config in VAMI in vRealize Automation 7.x
  16. “Machine XXX: No reservation is available to allocate within the group XXX. Total XX GB of storage was requested” error when you request a machine in vRA
  17. Operation timeout error in VMware vRealize Orchestrator
  18. Snapshot operations in VMware vRealize Automation appear to be stuck
  19. “SSL_ERROR_SSL during handshake: error:1408A0C1:SSL routines:ssl3_get_client_hello:no shared cipher” error in vRA 7.x
  20. Tenant administrator loses permissions to manage items under Directories Management in vRealize Automation 7.x


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