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VMware NSX for vSphere

Upgrading from NSX-v 6.2.0, 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 to NSX-v 6.3.5 fails
Date Published: 2017/11/27

Performance issues when third party file filter drivers co-exist with Guest Introspection drivers
Date Published: 2017/11/30

VMware ESXi

Permission for Domain Group removed when Active Directory is not reachable
Date Published: 2017/11/29

Virtual machines might be migrated to unexpected ESXi host when powering off all ESXi hosts in HA cluster
Date Published: 2017/11/29

vCenter Server becomes unresponsive when host profiles prior to 5.1 attached to 5.5 and later hosts inside cluster profile
Date Published: 2017/11/29

VMware Workstation Player

CPU Requirements for VMware Workstation 14.x
Date Published: 2017/11/28

VMware vCenter Server

ActiveCluster VMware vMSC
Date Published: 2017/11/28

VMware Horizon

Windows 10 Guest OS support FAQ for Horizon 7.x and 6.x
Date Published: 2017/11/29

Provisioning or Resyncing Instant Clones is slow in Horizon 7.1 or 7.2
Date Published: 2017/12/1

VMware vSAN

Deploying a vMSC across two sites using MacroSAN SDAS
Date Published: 2017/11/29

VMware vCloud Director for Service Provider

Upgrade of Edge Gateway results in an Unmanageable Edge in vCloud Director for Service Providers 8.20.x
Date Published: 2017/11/30

VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager

vRSLCM UI might become inaccessible after running for x days (x > 20 days)
Date Published: 2017/11/30

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