vSphere Client does not open on any Windows operating systems with the error: parsing the server „“ „clients.xml“ file

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Jun 292010


When trying to launch the vSphere Client you receive errors similar to:
Error parsing the server „<servername>“ „clients.xml“ file.
The type initializer for VirtualInfrastructure.Utils.HttpWebRequestProxy‘ threw an exception.


You cannot use vSphere Clients prior to the Update 1 release, to access the vCenter Server or ESX hosts because of a Microsoft update that targets the .NET Framework (980773), released on June 9th 2010.
Perform one of these two options to correct the issue:

Download and install vSphere Client 4.0 Update 1 (build 208111) or Update 2 (build 258672) using method a or b below, depending on your environment.

To download and install the vSphere Client for ESX, ESXi (paid version), and vCenter Server:
Go the downloads site.

Note: The vSphere Client .exe is part of the ESX, ESXi, or vCenter Server download binaries.

Click Download next to your ESX, ESXi, or vCenter Server edition.
Log in with your VMware Account credentials.
Click the .exe link next to vSphere Client and Host Update Utility

Note: You do not need to download the entire vSphere suite, only the vSphere Client.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updated vSphere Client.

Read full article here >> http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1022611

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Sicherheits-Update für VMware ESX 4.0.0 – udev, sudo und curl betroffen

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Jul 152009
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
                   VMware Security Advisory

Advisory ID:       VMSA-2009-0009
Synopsis:          ESX Service Console updates for udev, sudo, and curl
Issue date:        2009-07-10
Updated on:        2009-07-10 (initial release of advisory)
CVE numbers:       CVE-2009-1185 CVE-2009-0034 CVE-2009-0037
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Summary

   Update for Service Console packages udev,sudo, and curl

2. Relevant releases

   VMware ESX 4.0.0 without bulletin ESX400-200906411-SG,
   ESX400-200906406-SG, ESX400-200906407-SG.

3. Problem Description

 a. Service Console package udev

    A vulnerability in the udev program did not verify whether a NETLINK
    message originates from kernel space, which allows local users to
    gain privileges by sending a NETLINK message from user space.

    The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Project (cve.mitre.org)
    has assigned the name CVE-2009-1185 to this issue.

    Please see http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1011786 for details.

    The following table lists what action remediates the vulnerability
    (column 4) if a solution is available.

    VMware         Product   Running  Replace with/
    Product        Version   on       Apply Patch
    =============  ========  =======  =================
    VirtualCenter  any       Windows  not affected

    hosted *       any       any      not affected

    ESXi           any       ESXi     not affected

    ESX            4.0       ESX      ESX400-200906411-SG
    ESX            3.5       ESX      not affected
    ESX            3.0.3     ESX      not affected
    ESX            3.0.2     ESX      not affected
    ESX            2.5.5     ESX      not affected

  * hosted products are VMware Workstation, Player, ACE, Server, Fusion.


4. Solution

   Please review the patch/release notes for your product and version
   and verify the md5sum of your downloaded file.

   ESX 4.0

   Note: ESX400-200906001 contains the following security fixes
         ESX400-200906411-SG, ESX400-200906406-SG, ESX400-200906405-SG,

   To install an individual bulletin use esxupdate with the -b option.
   esxupdate --bundle ESX400-200906001.zip -b ESX400-200906411-SG \
   -b ESX400-200906406-SG -b ESX400-200906405-SG -b \
   ESX400-200906407-SG update

Via >> http://lists.vmware.com/pipermail/security-announce/2009/000060.html

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